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Worst Disasters That Can Strike Your Home Or Business

One of the worst disasters that can strike your home or business is a fire. Fires can be absolutely devastating and can destroy anything and everything in their wake. Not only do you have to deal with flames destroying the structure of the building and items in it, but there are other problems in the form of debris, soot, smoke and odor. When a fire strikes your home or place of business, you need fire damage repair services to bring things back to their previous state.

What are the Main Causes of Fire?

It’s important to know what can cause a fire. In general, there are 10 main causes of fire. Those include the following:

Cooking Fires: A cooking fire can lead to sheer devastation in both the home and in food establishments like restaurants. It’s important to always have kitchens tended to and to avoid having combustibles too near to any sources of heat. Additionally, it’s wise to have fire extinguishers in specific places.
Home Heating Fires: Furnaces and portable space heaters can easily lead to a fire if they aren’t properly tended. Always have your furnace inspected on a regular basis and keep space heaters away from any combustibles.
Smoking: Smoking is one of the fastest ways that fires start. If you do smoke inside your home, keep ashtrays around and always ensure that the butt of your cigarette is fully extinguished.
Electrical Fires: Old, frayed electrical cords can result in an electrical fire, as can outlets that are overloaded. Take care and replace any cords that are frayed and outdated.
Candles: If you use candles, never leave them unattended.
Children: Teach your children to be careful and to avoid matches and the stove if they’re too young to use it. Stifle any curiosities they may have about burning.
Faulty Wiring: Faulty wiring is common in older homes and apartments and should be replaced to avoid a possible fire.
Flammable Items: Avoid keeping paint, turpentine, cleaning agents and adhesives near sources of heat
Holiday Decor: Only place your Christmas tree safely near to your fireplace if you have one, and hang wreaths safely.
Grills: Keep your grill safely away from your home and avoid cooking on it under awning or on your porch.

Remember, fast action is crucial when you have a fire. Tackling the problem immediately is the best chance you have of salvaging your home or business and belongings. Although fires are inevitable, you should contact the right fire restoration company to handle the sizable job of repairing structural damage to your home or business and to eliminate any residual soot, debris, ash and smoke so that your property can be brought back to its pre-fire condition. The best company delivering this type of service will first inspect your property thoroughly to assess the level of damages and then begin to mitigate the damage in mere hours. Afterward, the actual cleaning and restoration process will begin with a team of professionals who will use proven emergency cleaning techniques that can bring your property and belongings back to their prior state. There will also be work done to deodorize the space and to repair any structural damage.

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