Using the silica to remove moisture

Using the silica to remove moisture

With the help of silica we achieve win the battle and finally eradicate moisture environments. Let’s see how to use these small crystals.

Prevent moisture to prevent damage

Humidity is an enemy to overcome to maintain our home in conditions, both structural as well as aesthetic and habitable, avoiding stains, bad aspects and unwanted odors.

But moisture affects not only the walls, but also tends to be present in furniture, drawers and corner is as at home.

To prevent damage, here we see an effective way to protect against moisture using silica.

The silica ally against moisture

One element that can be used to fight this battle against moisture is silica. It is small crystals whitish, we can provide container and perforated containers to catch moisture without compromising our pets, our children or the clothes and objects saved.

When we buy a pair of shoes or handbags, we see that within the container boxes are small sachets with granules. This is nothing less than the silica. We can use these small envelopes, or silica purchase retail drugstores, hardware stores and even building some houses.

How to use the silica to capture moisture

If we buy in bulk (loose), we can create packets of gauze or cloth diaper, or with roles that allow ventilation, such as paper towels, toilet paper or tissue paper.

Another way to put it to use the silica is placed in jars of cream cheese or yogurts, on which some holes will practice on the top or at its upper end. This will facilitate ventilation and moisture ingress directly into the glass.

Although we could place the silica crystals to combat moisture directly on a plate or open container, this is not the best idea because it could enable animals or children from coming in direct contact with him, and also that by some oversight the container suffer a stroke and ends up falling, leaving the scattered crystals, thus diminishing its effectiveness.

This same technique can implement it with grains of rice or common talc, to place temporarily in cupboards and closets. However, the crystalline silica are much more effective in combat moisture, both furniture as well as environments, whether large or small.

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