Top 6 Bathroom Trends for 2016

Is 2016 your year for renovating the bathroom? Do you look in this most important room of the house and feel unhappy with what you see? Is it more chaotic than spa-like? If so, you need to start that redecorating plan. There are many changes you can make to the bathroom that don’t cost a fortune, and which will leave you feeling great about your bathroom space. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are the top bathroom trends of 2016 to think about.

  1. Simple, Clean and Unfussy

A major trend in bathroom design that suits busy families everywhere is the direction towards simple, unfussy design and bathroom furniture that helps you live your life rather than gives you plenty more to clean. Streamlined cabinets that are easy to wipe down, simple white counters, and highly functional showers that shorten the time you need to get ready in the morning are all popular in bathroom design this year. Ornate and fussy design is out, thankfully.

  1. Bigger and Bigger

People who have the space are sacrificing a study, a walk-in closet or even a spare room to extend their bathroom into a super-spacious retreat. This type of large bathroom is ideal for a deep freestanding bath or a large power shower – Steam Showers are popular in large spaces, mixing a regular shower with a relaxing steam cubicle. If you cannot extend your bathroom you can still make it appear larger by installing bigger shower tiles, or adding a frameless shower door or a wall-mounted vanity cupboard. White surfaces and off-white walls are making spaces look bigger and taking over from the once popular dark granite.


  1. Warm and Cosy

Bathrooms are increasingly heated by under floor heating, which provides cosy warmth in the winter, and the addition of heated towel rails and other heated accessories makes the bathroom a warmer place to be when the weather is not great outside.

  1. Hi Tech Goods

While some bathrooms are organic and inspired by Zen-like minimalism, other rooms go the other way and contain all the latest gadgets from steam showers with built in TVs, to colour-changing lighting, to diffusers for essential oils. Many bathrooms even have tea and coffee makers for those people unable to reach the kitchen in time in the morning.

  1. Places for your Pet

If you have a much-loved pet then today’s bathrooms also have space to pamper them – new bathrooms often include a space in the shower to bathe a dog, or cat boxes hidden in cupboards and special shelves for water and food bowls.

  1. Special Storage

Better storage facilities are being created in modern bathrooms including floating shelves, mirrors with hidden storage, and appliance stacks which hide electric cords from view, making the space much more Zen-like.


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