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Tips and tricks to take care of your chair or sofa

Tips and tricks to take care of your chair or sofa

It is important for the conservation of the sofa to keep it as clean as possible, we recommend you vacuum regularly to avoid dust accumulating on the surface.

The sofa can brush delicately using a brush with soft bristles taking care not to rub a lot.

Protect your moving away from heaters and radiators and other heat sources furniture. Ideally, put the chair at a distance of more than 50 cm.

Do not leave newspapers on the surface of the furniture. In many cases, as humid days, the ink can be transferred to the fabric or leather sofa.

When your couch is wet, avoid rubbing it too and always treat the fabric or leather is naturally ventilated. Use as little as possible hair dryers.

Do not put your chairs and furniture in general to direct sunlight and strong lights. Although most of the fabrics and leathers have some resistance to fade, and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colors vary.

The back and armrests are not to sit. Its own weight or continuous or severe impact can damage the inner structure of the cabinet.

To clean a stain of the chair or sofa is recommended that you apply the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the couch. If the fabric does not present alterations, it is time to use it throughout the stain.

We recommend you never use, abrasive cleaners, soap, furniture polishes or oils, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohol or ammonia water. The use of detergents for dishes or similar detergents is not ideal because it can leave traces of product on the web.

If he discovers a stain on the couch you can use a mild solution of soap diluted white clothes in water.

Apply the solution on a clean, damp sponge, then wipe with circular movements from the outside to the inside of the stain and let it ventilate naturally.

To a liquid spill, try to absorb it quickly with a clean cloth or sponge without rubbing. If necessary use a little warm water and gently clean without soaking. Dry everything with a clean towel and allow to ventilate.

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