Three Ways to Organize Your Tool Chest

Chances are, you have a tool chest in your garage or workshop. Are the tools in the chest organized and well-maintained? If not, there are some simple things you can do to organize your tool chest, so it will be easier to find whatever your need right away.

Organize by Tool Type

Some people like to put all of their hammers in one drawer and all their screwdrivers in another. In fact, each drawer in the tool chest is occupied by just one type of tool. This makes it especially easy to find a particular tool whenever you need it.

Organize by Frequency of Use

Maybe you use your collection of wrenches on a lot of your projects. Or, perhaps you use both your Phillip’s head and flat head screwdrivers on most of your projects. If you find yourself using certain tools over and over again, try organizing your tool chest with these tools in the top drawers. This makes them easily accessible and allows you to keep tools you rarely use in the bottom drawers of the chest. An excel tool chest is one option if you’re looking for a bigger tool chest for your DIY projects.

Organize by Tool Size

Most tools are made in a variety of sizes. For instance, some screwdrivers are just a few inches long. These are used to secure very small screws on items such as eyeglasses or radios. Other screwdrivers can be heavy and more than a foot long. These may be used on heavy pieces of equipment such as cars or motorcycles. You may want to organize your tools by size in your tool chest. So, if you have work to do on a large item such as a lawnmower, car or motorcycle, you know where to find the tools you need for that type of work.

Whether you’re focusing on a small repair or DIY project, an organized tool chest can make your work a lot more efficient. An organized tool chest will make any project a lot more enjoyable!

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