Smarter & Greener : The future of the construction industry

The future of the construction industry is rapidly changing to meet the demands of increased populations and economic global development. Engineers are meeting the challenges head-on using innovative building and construction methods, such as swarms of robotics and 3D printed houses.

Many of the designs and concepts are still in the research and development stages, while others such as swarm robotics are already making a huge impact on the construction industry. In China the WinSun company, and in the Netherlands DUS architects, have already built 3D printed houses. Robot swarm building methods are being developed at Harvard which could completely alter the way buildings are constructed in the future. Taking inspiration from nature and the way termites construct their mounds, developers have realised that rather having robots carry out one specific task they can multi-task to get the job completed should any members of the swarm breakdown.

Furthermore, it isn’t just building methods that are becoming smarter and greener, new materials are also being researched and developed. Microalgae provides shade while producing renewable energy while ultra-lightweight Aerogel Insulation provides super-insulating properties, along with ultra-strong transparent aluminium to make homes and commercial properties more eco-friendly and self-sufficient.

The infographic offers an insight to the new materials and building methodologies that are leading the way within the construction industry and highlights the innovative Crystal in London and Amsterdam’s famous Edge Building.

Smarter and Greener: The Future of BuildingSmarter and Greener: The Future of Building by Rubber Bond

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