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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Whenever the seasons change, it is time to get your home ready for the weather. Don’t wait for the frosts to start before you make necessary preparations for winter. Just as you undertake spring cleaning, so the transition to winter requires a number of steps to ensure your home is comfortable during the long winter months. Even if you are living in an area where winters are relatively mild, the slightest temperature changes can affect your home in ways you may not be able to anticipate.

What to Clean
Pre-winter cleaning, unlike spring cleaning, doesn’t involve removing grime from your sidings or dusting your interior surfaces but requires clearing out areas that can facilitate the proper heating of your home and prevent ice buildup.
Check the gutters outside of your home for blockage and debris. You should also do this routinely during the winter because an accumulation of leaves in the gutter can cause an obstruction that may lead to a host of problems. You could have issues with ice damming or icicles forming in the gutters if they are blocked. This could cause damage to the gutters themselves and can cause water leakage, which can harm your home’s interior.

You should also give your furnace a thorough cleaning. This not only enhances safety, improves efficient running, but can save you money on your heating bills. In addition, a clean furnace enhances the air quality of your home, and since you are likely to spend a lot of time inside in the winter, this will make winter more comfortable for the entire family. Hire Ace experts if you notice a problem with your furnace that needs immediate fixing.

What to Inspect
You should do a thorough check outside and inside your home for any holes and cracks that can cause air to leak into and out of the home. Be sure to use caulk or other materials to close up gaps large and small to prevent air leakages. You invest money into heating your home, so make sure it doesn’t go to waste because of openings. The ducts in your home help your heating system work properly and can affect the air quality of your home. Inspect your ducts for blockages and clean them if necessary.

Preparing for winter means more than getting boxes of winter clothes out and changing around your drawers and closets. Your home should also be ready for the colder months. Check your ducts to make sure they deliver air effectively into your home without impediment. Stop up cracks and openings that allow air to leak through and rob your home of warmth. Be sure to look carefully around windows and consider replacing them if they are not energy efficient. Your gutters need a thorough inspection, and it is important to remove leaves and other debris from them at regular intervals to prevent ice damming.

With these preparations, you may discover problems with furnaces or ducts that need repair. It is important not to delay these important tasks but to take care of them before the weather turns cold. Call experts who can replace your ducts or fix your furnace at a reasonable price just in time for winter.

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