Play Care and Daisies

Play Care and Daisies

Daisy is one of the most famous and popular plants. Consider how to care for and play to maximize their strengths.

Care and Virtues of Margaritas

Las Margaritas have the quality to grow in almost any soil, even in less fertile. This type of plants blooming in the warm season, and is at this point that needs constant watering.

Daisies enrich the gardens with its foliage and the beautiful color of its flowers. In some species, their stems can grow up to 1 meter high.

Caring and play daisies

The best place to plant the daisies is one that holds much sun as they need natural light to thrive.

You have to water them frequently to keep the soil moist, but not escarcharlas. Every 2 or 3 days in the summer and 10 days in the winter.

It is a perennial that tolerates frost.

Daisy flowers from early spring to early winter, can reproduce by seed or division of clumps.

Another method of reproduction of daisies, easier and cheaper, is to separate the suckers that grow around the parent plant, taking care to have a good result.

The best time to play them is in spring. If we do in autumn, where the temperature is still low, we must plant them in pots indoors, and then pass them to land and come spring.

You have to keep pests away Margarita, the snails are their main enemy.

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