Mirrors – An Essential Element to Landscape Gardening

Have you ever considered using mirrors in your garden? They are a fantastic way to create a beautiful and unique space. You could speak to The Landscape Company to find out what can be achieved with mirrors, or you could have a go at it yourself.

Benefits of Mirrors in a Garden

  • They can help frame a plant or view.
  • They make your space look brighter and larger.
  • They reflect light, so they are really good for darker areas.
  • They reveal and conceal, depending on where you place them.
  • They can be framed in colors, matching your overall garden design.

How to Use Mirrors in Your Garden

You can use a mirror to make it look as if there is a second garden that someone could go in to. The space will also instantly look larger, and because mirrors reflect light, it will look brighter as well. Ugly walls or fences can be transformed by having a reflected image of a more beautiful part. Plus, they add an element of fantasy and fun to your space.

You can create an illusion using mirrors as well. With mirrors, you can create an element of surprise. It is about placing them in such a way that you don’t end up staring at yourself all the time. Rather, try angling it slightly downwards or upwards, and sideways. That way, you can actually see what you want to look at, such as a flower, your lawn, or your path for instance.

To really create a fantastic effect, you could choose a shutter mirror placed against a way. This will make even the more plane of brick walls look amazing. Frame it with some vines and perhaps a few Mediterranean plants, and you will feel as if you have entered a secret Tuscan garden. Add some wicker furniture, and you will have your own little piece of exoticness in your outdoor space.

You can use mirrors anywhere in your garden as well. As just stated, adding them to a brick wall looks fantastic. What also works is placing them in amongst your plants and trees. Or you could attach them to the side of your shed, for instance. Place a window box underneath one of those to create the illusion of a larger area. If you add a frame to the mirror, it will really pop and stand out, taking the eye away from the blandness of the shed or building itself.

One other very interesting thing you could do is to place a very tall mirror at the end of a path. This will make it look as if your pathway goes on into the distance. Frame it with vines, or place some tall plants or shrubs next to it, and it will look like an infinity garden. Make sure you do disguise the edges if this is something you want to have in your garden, so that it really looks like the garden goes on and on.

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