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How to Renovate Your Bathroom: 7 Hot Trends to Watch

Is your bathroom space the best it can be? Do you look at your bathroom and truly feel happy with what you see? If not, this year should be your year for a bathroom renovation. For some design and style inspiration, take a look at these hot bathroom trends to watch in 2016.

  1. Natural Flooring

Porcelain or ceramic floor tiles are out, and in are cork, natural stone, or wood beneath your feet. You could also choose tiles from one of the high-end vinyl ranges that provide comfort as well as good looks. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for cold toes – modern bathroom floors have hi-tech under floor heating and you can also warm up the bathroom with added heated towel rails and warm mats.

  1. Luxury Bathing

As bathrooms are renovated, more and more people are paying attention to the bath tub. There are two trends to watch out for – the trend towards an elegant and traditional freestanding bath style, and in the other direction towards the hi-tech Jacuzzi Bath. Whichever trend you choose, make it count by going all-out elegant or completely modern.

  1. New Styles in Showers

Steam showers are popular, making it easier to have the luxury of a sauna in your own home. Plus, rain head showers are still around, with the added extra feature of a two-person shower for more space and better bathing for couples. Showers are also programmable to deliver the right temperature for you or your partner every time, without having to constantly adjust the settings.

Luxury Bathing

  1. Long, Luxury Sinks

Small oval basins are on the way out and longer, rectangular, and even large square sinks are on the way in. Rustic trough-style sinks are popular, and sinks are increasingly being wall-mounted to save space as well as add extra style to the bathroom.

  1. Layered Lighting

The lighting in the bathroom is all-important, and the traditional florescent light is now on the way out with recessed bulbs, layers of soft lighting overhead, and backlit mirrors moving in to create a more welcoming glow in the bathroom space. You can even find lighting in different colours that change according to your mood.

  1. Neutral Colours

Favourite bathroom colours for stylish homes include the traditional white and off-white, with accent colours of aqua, green, brown, and stone. Fixtures are mainly silver, white, and grey, and there is an absence of harsh, bold colours in the bathroom. When you think about the spa look, the colours are most likely to be neutrals, with the occasional flash of turquoise or sea green.

  1. Plenty of Storage

Newly renovated bathrooms are packed with storage opportunities that allow the space to be minimalist and free from clutter. Innovative storage ideas certainly help create a welcoming and functional space.


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