How to Neatly and Safely Paint a New Baby’s Nursery

One of the most exciting experiences in life is becoming a family; especially when a new baby is due within just a few short months! Decorating a baby’s nursery is truly a rite of passage into parenthood. Painting the room according to the chosen decor might seem to be an easy task, but it is important to take note of several procedures to promote easy clean up and a safe nursery environment.

Choosing Safe Nursery Paint

There are many paints that can be quite toxic to both children and pets. Therefore, parents should always choose a paint that specifically states that it is safe for children and indoor use. Lots of these paints and the accessories needed for painting are also available at Home Depot. If it seems to be difficult to determine which brand of paint is best for the baby’s nursery, as for help and recommendations from the paint desk. Should the paint ever flake or make its way to the baby, there will be far less risk with child safe paint than there will be with more toxic paints.

Protecting the Trim

Protecting the doorway trim, window trim, and baseboards is the first important step when painting. TRIMACO masking paper and heavy duty masking tape will seal out paint while it is being applied and drying. It is far easier to carefully apply tape to protect these surfaces than it is to remove paint due to an inevitable slip of the hand. Be sure that the tape completely covers all exposed trim, but that it does not cover any part of the wall. Otherwise, there may be uneven lines of exposed old paint around the trim.

Keeping Paint Away from Carpeting and Flooring

Drop cloths protect all flooring from paint splashes, drips, and even spills. Accidents do happen; don’t allow your expensive flooring to be destroyed when a pail is accidentally kicked over or a tray is dropped from a ladder. It can be virtually impossible to remove paint from some types of floors, such as lush and light colored carpeting. Pick a thick painter’s plastic drop cloth, one that will withstand lots of foot traffic and potential holes or rips. Tape the drop cloth around the perimeter of the room, being sure to leave lots of slack against the walls and throughout the center of the room. This will help to resist the likelihood of tearing or pulling away from the walls.

Choosing a safe and non-toxic paint is a great way to have peace of mind with baby’s first nursery. Keeping accidents at bay and preventing drips or spills makes the entire experience fun, stress free, and exciting for the happy parents!

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