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How to make my door Steel Wood Look

How to make my door Steel Wood Look

We have a technique to give it a colonial and rustic touch to your door steel wood making it seem.

Technique to paint a steel door like Wood

Do you have a door in ordinary house but want it to look like mahogany? You bought one steel door because it was cheaper, but you want to give him another look? Notes this technique. The result you get is like a wood a little dark but bright.

It is very easy to achieve, just need the following: – 1 brush middle hairs – one sponge – one pattern to the shape of the timber (like a brush, the sold at most hardware stores) – varnish and polyurethane

How to paint a steel door to look like wood

Before starting the process, we must ensure that our door is completely clean and free of dirt or debris. For this, we need to put gloves, take a dry cloth and strong cleaner. Thoroughly clean the door, every nook and cranny to remove all dirt.

Then, take the paint and foam begins to paint the piece areas; Do this without trouble.

Immediately, making the wooden mold and pass up and down, to go achieving the desired shape. Note that it is better to start in the middle and small forms of the door, and then continue with the edges, and be more like the original wood.

It is possible that the pattern of wood not reach some areas, especially the smaller ones, like the corners. In this case, take the brush and simulates some lines on these parts.

If you make a mistake by the employer, do not worry, simply add more varnish and start from the beginning.

This is supposed to be fun. Once everything look the way you want, let it dry.

Now, apply another coat of varnish with sponge: as the first only contained wooden forms, the second serve to give a general color painting. Again allowed to dry.

Finally, apply the same polyurethane sponge, which will have because as the door clean dry. If you want you can use a polish.

And voila, you have transformed your steel door and wooden look that is all with a simple technique and in only two days of work.

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