How to Light a Large Modern Living Room

If you live in a home where you are proud of your large, open plan living room, the lighting you choose for this room can make a real difference to its style and sense of space. The right lighting scheme can create a more welcoming mood, which is sometimes difficult to achieve when you have a contemporary space. Work with effective lighting to create separate areas within the main open plan space, and use light effectively to create different moods.

Create Zones With Your Lighting

A very large living room can appear cold and not particularly welcoming unless you split it into separate zones or areas where you can create a welcoming sense of cosiness. You will need to light the space well with general ambient lighting, and then install decorative light elements in each space – for example, task lighting for reading in the sofa area, and lighting that highlights specific elements in the room like paintings or a dining area. It is important that the different sets of lighting can be separately controlled so that you do not have all the zones lit at the same time.

Pay Attention to Elevations

Large open plan living rooms often have areas of elevation, and it is wise to work with these so you create a well-lit space that is also well-textured with light. Industrial lighting is good for directing at various sightlines, so you gain a series of linked spaces and upper levels are as well-lit as lower levels.

Be Creative with your Lighting

A large space gives you the ideal canvas on which to let your creativity loose. You have plenty to work with, and can use some powerful statement pieces for lighting that really make an impact. Also, you can work with softer and more welcoming areas of light to pull people into the room.

Consider Effective Lighting Control

In a large space it is even more important to be able to control lighting individually. It is not often a good idea to simply have one set of ambient lighting that is controlled from one point, as this does not give you the flexibility to use the space effectively. Get some expert advice on lighting controls that work to unify the room but don’t create messy and confusing light switch systems. You do need the lighting to be easily understood and not in any way frustrating to operate. This will make it easier to enjoy the space and for visitors to understand how the lighting works in the room.


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