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How To Keep Your Home Carpet Clean and Look New

Whenever you consider the condition of your carpet, keep in mind that there is a normal rate of wear and tear over time. Unless you have hanged it on the wall and no one walks over it then the carpet will maintain its initial colors and pile richness. In all other cases it will take the toll of time and use. However, this shouldn’t discourage you. Following a few simple rules can help you uphold any home carpet or rug in tip-top condition for years.

Below you can find 5 easy implement tips and tricks on how to keep your carpets looking new.

Vacuum Clean Carpets regularly

Vacuum cleaning is one of the most important means to keep a carpet clean, good-looking and protected. Everyday a large amount of dirt, dust and soil settles down on the carpet surfaces and finds its way down into the pile where it can cause permanent damage. If you vacuum regularly, for example once a week you will manage to keep amounts of harmful particles in check and your carpet fresh and clean.

Nip Dirt at The Front Door

Surely the best way to keep your home clean is to stop dirt and dust from entering inside. However, this seems impossible but limiting the amount is a viable option. For instance, you can use both outdoor and indoor mats which will retain large part of soil and dirt carried from outside. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to wash a mat than hire a professional carpet cleaning service every half a year to deep clean your carpets.

Another great idea is implementing a shoes-off policy. Adopt such a policy throughout your house and you’ll notice reduction in the amount of dirt inside since members of your household will have less opportunities to track in dirt and soil onto your clean carpeting.

Add Area Rugs

Add a layer of area rugs over your carpet. These rugs will help you keep your carpet clean over time and reduce wear and tear. You can also move them periodically around along with furniture to get a new look for your home. Rearranging furniture will shift traffic areas to unexposed areas and get even fading of colors.

Spot Carpet Cleaning

Spot cleaning is another of those fundamental rules in the carpet cleaning book for beginners. Whenever you spill something on the carpet, no matter if its food or liquid, clean it immediately. Don’t procrastinate and delay for later. Blot the spot with a towel (paper towels work as well) until most of the substances has been absorbed. Then take a sponge and gently dab the area. In case the stain remains, consult with a professional cleaner or use a carpet cleaner like

Protect Carpet Fabrics

Like any fabric, a carpet is good to be protected from sources of heat to preserve its colors. Fumes from pesticides, chemicals or harsh cleaning products can cause significant damage as well. However, the gravest problem remains exposure to direct sunlight. It not only causes faster color fading of the carpet but wear and tear as well.

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