How to grow grapes

 grow grapes

Grapes, fruits of the vine plant called is a delicacy multipurpose and you can enjoy from your backyard. We learn to plant and cultivate vine grapes.

How to plant and grow grapes

The possibilities are vast grapes as they serve to produce wine to be consumed in the desert, as a salad dressing, candy making, etc.

And the intention from this note is that everyone can enjoy the highest quality and flavor of these products, and for this we will talk about its features and how best to plant them in our house.

Remember that the properties and taste of a freshly extracted fruit plant far exceeds that can get in shops and supermarkets.

Features vine

The vine is a woody plant long life. You need three to five years to start producing flowers, fruit from which emerge, so we have to be patient at first until we can see the first bunches of grapes.

One of the most important parts of this plant are leaves, because through it the crude sap becomes elaborated, and where, from oxygen and water molecules are formed, sugars, etc. that give flavor to the grapes.

Grape varieties

There are a lot of vine varieties available, and each has special characteristics that make it more suitable for different applications.

Suitable climate and soil for growing grapes

The minimum temperature for all kinds of vine will be 20 degrees Celsius. Below this, the plant can be damaged and even necrosis see occur. Young vines are most suffering to the weather.

On the other hand, the maximum temperatures should never exceed 35 degrees Celsius, because you can burn both leaves and clusters.

They especially affect the dry and hot, dry wind.

The ideal temperature to keep the vine will be between 9 and 10 degrees during the opening of the buds, 18 and 22 degrees during flowering between 22 and 26 degrees when the color change between 20 and 24 degrees starts during fruit ripening and between 18 and 22 degrees during the harvest.

Regarding water needs, the amounts are:

  • Sprouting : 15 mm
  • Flowering : 10 mm (more could be harmful)
  • Fruit set : Between 60 and 120 mm
  • Maturation : Between 80 and 100 mm
  • Vintage or harvest : should never exceed 40 mm, and at this point, rain it can be very harmful.

The vine is a plant that does not have too many problems adapting to any terrain. Of course, we must consider the characteristics of the soil where it will be planted for the appropriate vine.

If this is not the variety we want, we can proceed to graft them with the most varieties suited to our needs.

How to prepare the ground for growing grapes

It should apply a large amount of manure prior to planting vine, about 50 to 60 tons per hectare. P2O5 doses between 500 and 600 kg per hectare is recommended.

Once you have paid, you can proceed to plant vines.

Shortly before the start of spring, nitrogenous fertilizers administered, while in winter manure is applied.

It is not recommended nitrogen subscribers during the summer, because it will increase the nitrogen content in clusters, which is not desirable.

While here we analyze vine growing on large lots and big productions, it does not mean you can not plant it in your backyard if you have enough space.

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