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How to Decorate a Small House

Decorate a Small House

If a house is small is no excuse not to decorate. With these simple ideas, environments and even they stay refreshed look more spacious.

How to furnish and decorate a small house

Decorating a home small, though having little space, is not impossible. We just have to keep in mind some tips for optimizing the corners and all the elements combine harmoniously, practice, and its inhabitants like manner.

Keys to when decorating a small house

One factor to consider in all decorating small spaces will achieve good lighting.

Another issue is the order, a neat and clean place we always give the impression of greater amplitude.

Blinds and curtains must always be light colored, and walls in pastel shades.

If carpets, which do not cover the entire floor surface are used.

Decorate the entrance, living room or living

In small houses, the living room or living usually removed and directly enters the kitchen. In the case of having this environment, it should be decorated with few elements.

A vase, a painting, a sculpture, a plant, and a very good lighting is best.

Use only small furniture sofa or a chair or large furniture bail it all, besides putting difficulty free passage and movement of people.

It is better to use individual furniture, chairs and tables, to change the furniture and place for different occasions and best use the space.

Choose colors smooth and soft to decorate the walls, remember that large prints give the appearance of a smaller room. And be careful to leave open the passage to the other environments.

Decorating a kitchen – small room

Light colors, simple design furniture and not to overburden the walls, give idea of greater breadth and order in a small house.

The lighting is always an important factor to consider. Try to integrate the refrigerator appliances and furniture.

Currently, kitchen designs are well suited to small environments.

Used to store high cabinets or shelves, and folding tables that can reduce or enlarge, in the case of more or less space need.

Instead of chairs, it is preferable to use banks that can be located under the table when not needed.

If the table is very small, you can tailor a table to place above the sink and expand the workspace when you need.

The TV should always be placed in a holder on the wall.

When the house is small and needed a separate area used as decoration and dividing plants or screens instead of walls.
Organize small rooms

As basic elements we must have a bed, bedside table, wardrobe (if not to tell with closet), and a chair. We can put other furniture as long as they do not obstruct the free passage.

Another good option is to choose a bedspread, curtain walls and color in shades within the same range.

If possible, install a mirror, also it gives idea of more space, and if two beds are needed, it is best to choose a model of bunk beds, so you just have to open it at night and during the day the space will be wider.

Finally, to decorate a small bathroom, nothing better to paint with light colors on walls as well as floors and furniture, large mirrors and good lighting.

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