How to convert your concrete garage into a workshop

Setting up a workshop at home is an appealing idea for lots of individuals for a variety of reasons. One common setback is that they simply don’t have the luxury of extra space available at their property. A concrete garage provides the perfect space to be transformed into a DIY workshop for many reasons. Lots of people convert their garage or sheds into workshops for their convenience in location, as its extremely handy having an outbuilding right next to your home. Furthermore, if your concrete garage has been manufactured by a reputable company like Dencroft Garages, it will have strong foundations and a quality structure to be easily transformed into a workshop.

Here are some tips on how best to transform your garage into a workshop:

Let in the light
It is important that when you create your workshop, you let in plenty of natural light. Some garages already come with windows and some can be customised to incorporate more windows into the design. Natural light is important as it will obviously make working much easier and more practical, it might also be a good idea to move your workbench in front of one of the windows. Alternatively, you will probably also need a secondary light source like a lamp if you are planning on working late and into the evenings.

Pay attention to air quality ventilation
When you are planning your new workshop, you will be aware that you will likely be spending a lot of time inside it. This means it is important that you don’t overlook health and safety factors of your workshop and plan accordingly. If you will be doing a lot of DIY and crafting that will produce excess dust and sawdust you need to pay special attention to air quality. The best way to combat this is usually an air dehumidifier which also helps combat fumes from paint or varnish. Smaller jobs simply require a small fan facing towards the windows.

Consider use of space
One key consideration for your workshop is that you should plan how much room you will have available, this can then be allocated between workspace and storage space. It is important that you have enough space inside your workshop to be able to safely manoeuvre around and actually do your work. Make sure your workbench is big enough to allow you to work on your projects, but also make sure that the space around your workbench isn’t overcrowded and causing a possible hazard. Secondly, make sure you have the necessary storage space for all your tools and the equipment you will require.

Concrete garages are almost limitless in the ways that they can be transformed and converted to benefit homeowners. As house prices rise more homeowners are trying to maximise their living spaces in as many ways as possible. Providing your concrete garages is manufactured to a high quality by a reputable company, you will be afforded the many benefits that range from insulation, weatherproof, durability and customisation.

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