How to clean and maintain wood surfaces

How to clean and maintain wood surfaces

How to clean and care for wooden surfaces of all kinds: furniture, ornaments, silverware, etc.

Cleaning and maintaining wood surfaces

The various wood surfaces and objects from home can present certain challenges when carrying out cleaning, hygiene and maintenance.

But for everything there is a secret, and in this article we look at some of the most practical and convenient.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining wood surfaces

Bearing surfaces. The perhaps more difficult to maintain in optimal conditions, surfaces are those bearing surfaces, namely: tables and furniture. They often tend to support them wet vessels or vessels too high or low temperatures that leave marks in the form of rings.

If the mark is mild and superficial, you can delete are problems with a white eraser. But if the mark was more marked, to solve simply rubbed on the mark (in the direction of the wood grain) with a clean cloth with some toothpaste.

Kitchenware. Cooking utensils should be cleaned more carefully, to prevent these woods absorb cleaning products. For example, the chopping can be sanitized with rubbing half a lemon then each use, and for a more thorough cleaning, you can sprinkle with baking soda before rub with lemon.

Large areas. When cleaning large surfaces of wood with furniture polish and cleaner in this material, you recorder then review them with a dry, clean, soft cloth to remove traces of the cleaning product they could have been. These remains removed to the surface gloss and rub gently to achieve them shine and shine more.

Decorative elements. Wooden decorative elements often remain lurking dust and dirt that travel through the air. To clean them with furniture polish and creamy products, we can do more damage than cleaning.

It is best to always keep free from dust with the aid of a duster or acrylic plastic bristles, to prevent accumulation of dirt.

So, we keep the natural beauty of wood and always keep in top condition for display, free of grease and product residue.

Shine. To polish wood surfaces, clean them as you usually do (with specific products for wood) and then rub them with a soft, clean cloth moistened with white vinegar, preferably: white distilled vinegar or apple.

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