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How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Patio Door?

With the seasons changing, families are starting to make use of their backyard and patio spaces more and more, but have you been avoiding your yard on the account of a faulty entranceway? Has opening and closing your patio door become a two-person job? Is it jamming when you’re locking and unlocking it? This is typical of doors that have aged 10-20 years and might be a sign that your door is due for a replacement. But it goes beyond convenience and aesthetic, some patio doors have become so weathered that if an intruder were to yank hard enough, they could manage to strip the screws and gain entry into your home.

A replacement will not only allow you easy access to recreational space and prevent further damage before it becomes more difficult to repair, it will keep your family members and loved ones safe. It will also stop drafts and water damage, as well as save you money on your energy bill. Read on to learn more about the features you’ll find on current models.

For smooth operation, many homeowners will choose a sliding door, and those available through companies like have an efficient division between the glass and aluminum reinforcement, reducing the risks of condensation significantly. Major effects of window condensation include peeling interior finishes, rotting and even the formation of mold. These models also have a raised rail to protect the wheels from accumulating dirt and debris.

In terms of aesthetics, the exterior vinyl is available in White, Driftwood, Sandalwood or Ivory with a white interior in a variety of sizes. What’s more is they are low maintenance! You receive a wooden look without the need for painting or staining later on.

Alternatively, you may choose a garden door for a touch of elegance, these models are further known for their energy and thermal efficiency thanks to an extruded aluminum sill system that eliminates frost transfer. For optimal security, the door also includes a wood-lock block for extra sturdiness and safety.

The decision to renovate however can be a big one, especially if you’ve never replaced your patio door before. When purchasing the unit that best suits your home, ensure it’s built by a company you can trust, one that manufactures their pieces in house, and one that can offer you professional installation performed by factory-trained employees as opposed to outsourced workers. Finally, ensure they stand by the design and the quality their products, that they value innovation and home owner preferences.

If you can’t remember the last time your patio door slid open seamlessly, if you’re tired of fidgeting with damaged entryways, if you’re concerned for either the safety of your home’s contents or its interior becoming increasingly more damaged, a replacement will take care these concerns. Choose from a variety of models including sliding glass or garden doors, and enjoy your time outside without stressing or being inconvenienced every time you leave your house.

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