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Holiday Home Improvement Projects

Summer is one of the most popular seasons to embark on home improvement projects, but the holiday season can be just as productive. As cold winter weather creeps in, you and your family might notice that the home isn’t staying as warm as you’d like or that the walls look too faded to feel festive. If you’re ready to tackle a home improvement project or two, vacation from work during the winter might be the perfect time to get started. Here, you’ll find a list of fun and practical home improvement endeavors that can easily be completed during the winter months.

Upgrade the Lighting

If your family is going to host holiday parties or accommodate overnight guests, the whole house will benefit from an upgrade in lighting. Installing recessed lights over bathroom mirrors will instantly give the room a flattering and cheery glow, while installing warm lights in the kitchen makes every dish look delicious. For homeowners working with a strict budget, the simple act of adding updated lighting can make an enormous but frugal difference. Plus, in addition to a warm glow in every room, energy efficient light bulbs last longer and can even make a dent in your utility bills.

Fix or Replace the Heater

Your home should be a safe haven from the winter elements. When your heater isn’t working properly and you need to stay bundled up against the cold, it’s time to contact a professional heating and air conditioning service to keep the cold out. If the current heating and cooling system is too old or costly to replace, you’ll enjoy the benefits of increased energy efficiency with a new unit.

Re-Paint the Rooms

If you’ve lived in your house for several years and the paint is looking a little drab, winter is the ideal time to grab a brush and get to work. Even if the paint on the walls is still in good shape, you might be ready for an exciting change. Will you go with a neutral color like dove gray, or spice things up with rich jewel tones? If you have kids at home on holiday break, invite them to take part in the painting process. Young children can help with priming the walls, and older children will enjoy the independence that comes with choosing a room color and painting the area themselves.

Clear Out Unwanted Items

Holiday get-togethers with family generally signal an influx of new items. If your home is already feeling a little crowded, pre-holiday time off work can be used to cleanse your home of unwanted items. The whole family can take part in this challenge, and you can donate gently used items to charity. There’s a growing interest in minimalism, and while it usually doesn’t make sense to get rid of 90 percent of the items you own, everyone can benefit from evaluating what they have and making an effort to de-clutter. If your room is packed with knickknacks or articles of clothing that you haven’t used in over a year, it might be time to part ways.

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