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Finding Inspiration for Your Farmhouse Remodel

The appeal of incorporating authentically historic and reproduction items into a decorating scheme is evident; warm hues of natural wood, scuffed items attesting to great age and primitive, handmade items all create a comfortable and familiar mood for a room. This trend of reviving antiques for use in decorating a home is a decades-long movement meant to offset the modern, cookie-cutter neighborhoods springing up across the country. As a way to stand out from the crowd, incorporating the farmhouse style into a decorating scheme can transform even a brand-new house into a space that feels as if it was a home for generations.

Inspiration can be found in visiting open-air village museums. Whether you are remodeling a period home or hoping to make a new build look as if it has been around for centuries, these open-air museums are an invaluable resource for their preservation of historic architectural elements. Take notice of the hues of paint, the way rooms are configured and the type of furniture used and incorporate these into your own style of decorating.

Perusing online catalogs such as Antique Farmhouse can both inspire new decorating ideas, as well as provide an excellent place in which to find and purchase unique design elements. Beyond simply advertising their wares, these online catalogs present a narrative, establishing themes and colors as a way to bring a decorated room together. As a tutorial of interior design, they are almost unsurpassed. Finding a style that harmonizes with your own ideas of how you want to decorate is an excellent place to start when deciding how to transform your home.

Professional decorators will often take a single item, such as a stained-glass lamp, an antique chair or a painting, and use design elements from this one piece as a template for decorating an entire room. They might echo the colors of the painting in the fabric used on a couch or repeat a carved pattern on a wooden chair in the molding used in the room. Often a chance find at an antique store can become a wellspring of inspiration for decorating an entire room.

Using these invaluable resources as a jumping off point for your own room or full house remodeling project can be a fun adventure as well as a useful way to narrow down your own particular tastes. Finding out what is possible in transforming your own personal space before you start can not only save money and time by avoiding costly mistakes, but be a far more meaningful way to make your home your own.

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