Financing for energy improvements in the home


Do you feel that you can not escape from the heat to enter your home? Would you produce unrest rainy cold days they bring? Do you just wish your home to be more welcoming?

Funding program for energy improvements in the home (Heuf, for its acronym in English) may be your solution. If you qualify for this program, you can get $ 2,500 to $ 20,000 to purchase and install improvements to enable efficient energy consumption: the kind of improvements that transform a house into a “Home Sweet Home”.

As Heuf Program provides funding without collateral, you need not mortgage-backed to qualify. Financing can be approved in less than four hours after their application is received.

The deadlines vary between one and ten years. Funding is available to twelve (12) years for improvements in the ENERGY STARĀ® program, which may also qualify for discounts on interest rates. And best of all, this financing is backed by Fannie MaeĀ®, the largest source of funds for home loans in the nation.

How does it work

To facilitate the use of this program, we resorted to the expertise of Viewtech Financial Services Inc., a lender approved by Fannie Mae, to manage this specialized lending.

1 Viewtech Financial Services works together with the League of California Homeowners (League of California Homeowners, LHC), an independent consumer organization that provides back ground checks on contractors. All participating contractors must comply with the requirements of the LCH before being approved and become available.

Visit the League of California Homeowners* to find out what improvements are eligible for this funding, how can qualify and how to find a participating contractor. And the improvement in energy efficiency can mean a reduction in consumer bills.

How to make your home a “Home Sweet Home”

You will find that many of these updates can be a great improvement in how comfortable it is your home. And improved energy efficiency can generate lower energy bills.

Water heater

After heating and cooling, hot water is the largest consumer of energy in the home. The new gas water heaters are very economical.

They use less energy and have a faster recovery time than electric heaters.

Space heating when purchasing a boiler, check the efficiency rating in annual fuel consumption (AFUE). Newer units better use the heat contained in the products of combustion, while reducing leakage of hot air for better AFUE rating.


Evaluate whether to buy air conditioners for cooling or evaporative coolers with high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER).

Units with a higher SEER rating provide more efficiency and less operating costs. The gas air conditioners and evaporative coolers are alternatives that do not pollute the environment and offer low operating costs, saving you money.


The windows can account for 33% of the total heat loss and up to 75% of income during the summer heat. That’s a good idea to replace the single glazed windows by double glazed sealed low emissivity.

Ceiling and attic

Without a well-insulated attic, much of the costs of heating and cooling are a waste. For that reason it is very important to insulate your attic. If you do not have an attic, insulate the ceiling of the top floor.


Isolation blocks the flow of heat through attics, floors and walls by forming “layers vacuum”. It is convenient to isolate, among others, ceilings / attics, floors, walls and air ducts. And be sure to attach insulating caulk and weather stripping.

Roof maintenance

Heat and cold suffering constant roofs produce expansions and contractions, causing wear, cracks and loss of energy. Remember that light-colored roofs tend to last longer and are more resistant than dark because they reflect more sunlight.

Heated pools / hot tubs

Natural gas heaters for hot tubs use less energy and heat the water faster than electric heaters. Remember that there should choose a smaller heater only by the initial cost. A heater of greater capacity may be more economical, as smaller one will run longer to heat a pool of equal size.

Fixed blinds with insulation

Fixed shutters help protect indoor environments of extreme temperatures of different seasons, thus reducing heating and cooling costs. They can also protect the interior decoration of your home from damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

Simple Steps for financing energy efficiency of your home

Call Viewtech Financial Services Inc. at 888-621-5511. They will send you a list of contractors in your area who are trained to do the kind of improvements you want.

Choose a contractor from the list and select the improvements for energy efficiency. Ask for several quotes to compare prices.

Your contractor will take the necessary documentation for financing and help you complete it.

Then the contractor will send your request to Viewtech.

You can get approved in less than 4 hours from the time you receive your application Viewtech.

Once you are approved, you can schedule tasks with the contractor.

Tips to keep well on track their improvements

The reform process is as important as finance. The League of California Homeowners * offers these tips.

Only use licensed contractors (Heuf approved suppliers meet this condition).

Only use contractors with insurance (with approval Heuf providers meet this condition).

If your contractor is used, check that they have workers’ compensation insurance (Heuf approved contractors meet this condition).

Always get three estimates, three references from past clients and check previous work. Getting the best price is up to you.

Never start a job without a detailed written contract either. Make sure you have start and end dates of work.

Never pay more than 10% or $ 1,000 (whichever is less) to begin the works.

Keep receipts, permits, plans and anything else that corresponds to the project in a file.

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