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Edmonton Tree Care Professionals Help with Summer Storm Damage

Sometimes nature has a way of wreaking havoc on a person’s property. There a number of arboreal diseases that threaten everything from spruces, pines, and ashes in Edmonton, and summer thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rain can cause real damage to your landscaping. When a treedies off because of damage or disease, homeowners are left with a massive eyesore that can become dangerous. As they rot and lose strength,they put your home and family at risk.They could fall at any time, and that’s when tree removal in Edmonton becomes necessary.

After a summer storm, here are some signs to look before you take any action. You may have to start thinking about removal if the damage is extreme:

  • Split trunks are a sign that it has a rotten inner core, and cutting it down is your only option.
  • No remaining branches or a severely damaged crown (half or more) means it won’t have enough foliage to continue to grow.

However, pruning from expert Edmonton arborists like Chipps Tree Care may be enough to save the shade in your yard if:

  • A few minor limbs (or even one or two major limbs in a mature case) have cracked and fallen.
  • It’s young or a sapling, in which case it can recover quickly, even if it’s leader has been damaged.

If you’re not sure, always consult with an arborist in Edmonton before making your decision. It is very risky to attempt to take on tree removal as a do-it-yourself project because most homeowners don’t have the proper equipment necessary and would be taking an enormous risk. Edmonton’s arborists have the proper tools and experience necessary to safely get the job done. The low impact rigging techniques employed by local companies like Chipps Tree Care also minimize the chance of your property sustaining any further damage. Homeowners should never attempt a removal on their property without consulting a professional. Homeowners not only put their own health on the line, they’re also ata high risk of damaging their own home. To learn more about how low impact rigging techniques employed by members of the International Society of Arboriculture can protect your urban forest from unnecessary damage, stop by today.

Your urban forest helps the aesthetic value of your home, creating a picturesque landscape that’s been proven to improve the sale price of a house. As a matter of fact, one estimate pegs the value of a canopy on a property at between $1,000 and $10,000. Older neighbourhoods with elm-lined streets on the boulevards are also known to be safer and more desirable than newer subdivisions where the saplings have yet to mature. It provides an element of privacy, shade, and climate-control that can reduce your electricity bill. Shade can reduce the temperature around your home by degrees in the hot summer, while mature conifers act as wind barriers during the Alberta winters. Get help from Edmonton’s top arborists to keep your canopy healthy and remove dead trunks safely.

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