Deleting aphids Rose

Deleting aphids Rose

The most common and dangerous damage suffered roses is attacked by aphids. These little bugs can cause a lot of harm, weakening the plant and stopping their growth and flowering. Let’s see how to remove them.

Tricks to Eliminate Rose Aphids

You learn to eliminate aphids roses becomes necessary, as it is a pest that attacks most species, forming colonies surrounding leaves and stems. The problem occurs when the plants are weakened or very high temperatures. These insects suck the sap of roses, destroying tissue and deformed new growth.

Aphids mainly attack the young shoots of roses, causing them to curl. Sometimes the buds attacked by aphids not even make it to open.

How to know if the roses have aphids

In addition to the leaf curl, we can notice the presence of aphids naked eye observing small insects green or black color.

In addition, you can recognize other symptoms such as the presence of molasses excreted, the sooty mold that is located on molasses, and the ants who come to collect it (which also protect aphids because they know that it is they who produced). The ants are the insects that carry a rose to another.

Aphids can be removed with specific products that are bought in nurseries. After application, the poison penetrates leaves and aphids ingested. Ideally attack barely notice its presence, so you do not damage the roses and other species.

Household insecticides to eliminate aphids

If you prefer more natural to combat aphids roses methods, there are several equally effective ecological recipes. This pest has natural enemies, including ladybirds or ladybugs, lacewing, small avispillas, among others.

For that reason, it is important that when we apply treatments to eliminate certain pests, they do not attack these beneficial animals.

Another solution against aphids that attack roses: no ladybugs in our garden, we sprayed with soapy water (the same washing machine bouncing) or warm water temperature.

You can also apply a nettle infusion made. To prepare, we need ½ kilo of fresh nettle mixed in 5 liters of water. Then we cover the bowl and stir every so often. When the mixture is thoroughly decomposed, strain, allowed to stand one day and is sprayed onto the aphids.

You can choose to plant certain species near the rose bushes such as honeysuckle, nettles or lupine, which are natural repellents to aphids.

Another way to prepare a home remedy against aphids is to mix 1 liter of water with two tablespoons of soap flakes, and 2 alcohol 90. Mix well and the plant is sprayed with this natural preparation.

With these natural methods you can remove aphids roses, enjoying flowers healthy and beautiful.

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