Choosing between the different types of Air Conditioning

Choosing between the different types of Air Conditioning

We analyze the characteristics of each type of device to choose the air conditioner suited to our need.

Different types of Air Conditioning Systems

Before choosing a system of air conditioning for the home it is important to differentiate between terms such as refrigerated air, air conditioning and heated to know that is really what we want air.

The air is cooled units equipped with fans which are limited to providing a flow of filtered fresh air. For the cooling system is air conditioning should be composed of a set of equipment operating in a chained and controlled to provide air environment, selecting the temperature. And if we refer to an air conditioner, it is not just about choosing the degree by an apparatus, but to correct the humidity.

Therefore, put a home is not the same as climatizare. The latter system is much more complex, much more expensive and not entirely necessary in a home.

Conditioner fixed Split

Besides being the most demanded market is the most economical to install and maintain. It is comprised of an indoor unit and an outer, which are connected through a tube. The internal unit can be hung from the ceiling or wall by model. The outdoor unit can be installed either on the ceiling or hung with squares on the outer vertical wall of the room.

Mobile conditioner Split

You can move from room, but keep in mind that you have to have a container for the output of the water pump or hose to connect to the outside. Its installation does not require the intervention of a professional. The power range is limited and energy intensive.

Only advisable when the installation complexity unfeasible other air. It is more expensive than the fixed Split.

Multisplit air conditioner

It is a split system with multiple indoor units, allowing conditioning throughout, recommended in houses more than 100 square meters, in large environments to better distribute the flow of cold and single-family located in areas with climates very hot.

The price varies depending on the number of consoles that are incorporated. Two units cost 50% more than a fixed Split one unit and three indoor units more than doubled.
Air conditioner zone

It consists of a central unit which distributes the cold by pipeline, and has air passages that can be adjusted manually or automatically by thermostats to open or close the air flow depending on the temperature of each room. The cost is high but it is profitable in the long term due to energy savings allowed.

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