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Low-E Windows Reduce Your Electricity Expenses

People in Kitchener-Waterloo are as sick of higher hydro expenses as anyone in the province, and you’ve likely considered finding a way to finally start saving on those monthly bills. As you look around your Kitchener home and calculate ways to reduce utility bills, what do you consider your biggest culprits? Is it that perpetually dripping faucet, those lights around …

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Prepare Your Home for Winter

Whenever the seasons change, it is time to get your home ready for the weather. Don’t wait for the frosts to start before you make necessary preparations for winter. Just as you undertake spring cleaning, so the transition to winter requires a number of steps to ensure your home is comfortable during the long winter months. Even if you are …

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The Best Way to Lower Energy Bills

The world has finally begun to realize how precious energy really is. People dread going to the mailbox each day where bills wait to be collected, thrown on the counter, stressed about, and eventually paid. Due to difficult economic times across the globe, utility companies have become sterner — and definitely, the reality of non-renewable fuels has started to bear …

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Finding The Right HVAC Servicing Company

Investing in sophisticated equipment like HVAC systems is, by itself, a pretty important decision. You have to take into account several factors such as: Brands Capacity of cooling or heating Ease of operation Convenience of maintenance and having the right service technician for the system Finding the right HVAC servicing company is indeed another important aspect that you must keep …

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Choosing between the different types of Air Conditioning

We analyze the characteristics of each type of device to choose the air conditioner suited to our need. Different types of Air Conditioning Systems Before choosing a system of air conditioning for the home it is important to differentiate between terms such as refrigerated air, air conditioning and heated to know that is really what we want air. The air …

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