Caring for potted plants

Caring for potted plants

For potted plants are fully developed, remember these special care.

Tips on caring for plants in pots

The plant pot is at a disadvantage compared to that found on the ground, this is because it can not freely deploy its roots. And if this problem we add that the weather is not the original, we could say that these species have a problem and need more attention for their care.

Tips for improving the growth of potted plants

The four most important factors that determine the growth of plants in pots are the soil, the weather, the place of origin of the plant and man.

Floor. By having limited so that the plant can develop better soil, the soil should be loose, with lots of nutrients. we must achieve a high quality compost.

According to the coloration of the leaves, we know what kind of substrate needed. For example, bright green leaves require slightly acidic soil, so you need to be incorporated ground pine leaves or peat for better acidity.

Conversely, if the leaves are of a yellowish color, a common mulch ph neutral or slightly alkaline will suffice.

Climate. The leaf size is a good indicator of the climate that requires a certain potted plant. Those whose leaves are very bulky and thin, they are ideal for places with high humidity.

The thicker leaves that have or are of lower volume, need less watering because they come from places where it rains less.

Origin. Ideally, ask questions and seek advice at nurseries, and thus to find out as much as you can about the origin of the plant and its needs, and then act accordingly.

It can also be useful to know whether the same is reproduced by cuttings or seeds, that way we know that joy home or geranium bloom best according to their origin.

Man. Why we speak of man as an important factor for the growth of plants in pots ?

Very simple, because it is the only one who can modify the above three factors.

The potted plants give us the possibility to add color, life and health benefits in any home where they are. We are the ones who choose, the care, the water it and consider part of our home.

For all this, we can determine that it is imperative that we know each species, their origins, needs and care, so that the plant can look all its attributes.

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