Caring for hydrangeas

Caring for hydrangeas

Hydrangea is an easy plant to grow, and with all its flowers beautify our garden. Let’s see how to take care to stay healthy and beautiful.

The s hydrangeas are plants that can be found in every garden, and have their own, it takes nothing more than a couple of tips to care for and maintain it.

First, we must know their reproduction. The most appropriate way is through cuttings, using some hormones in the process of rooting for the entrenchment of the new plant to farmland. When we do play, we should not overdo irrigation water, since we could overwhelm and choke the plant.

We must ensure an acidic soil rich in organic matter for hydrangeas. Then enrich this land with liquid fertilizer every 15-20 days in spring and summer, to wish good flowering and development.

If necessary, correct verticality of reeds tutors, and ensure that the plant is shade some hours, especially during the hours of greatest heat.

When we hydrangea ground or pot, we can provide other treatments, some referred to their beautiful coloring. For example, to witness a budding with an intense and bright blue color, it goes more to bury the bottom of the pot, or near the stem, a piece of steel wool.

Also, and before it blooms, incorporate land some old nails, if they are oxidized will be much better, or add powder or chalk board.

The soil moisture should be constant, but not excessive. We will seek a good drainage system to prevent water from collecting on his land, and water them daily in small quantities, even in autumn and winter (diminishing the amount of water).

Before sprouting in the cold season, the hydrangea will need a pruning suitable for development look better then in bloom. For this pruning in late winter we must remove the flowers old, leaving an egg on the ground, below the cut.

To preserve the hydrangeas in vases, should cut the stems with pruning shears or very sharp knife to produce no damage, at an oblique cut. Then you have to make two cross-cut (drawing an X) in the stem, giving them a good depth.

Prepare the water in the vase or container, adding a spoonful of sugar. We put flowers there and leave it in a cool, ventilated, without running water, remembering to spray the flowers regularly as the heat quickly wither.

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