Caring for an azalea

Caring for an azalea

The Azalea, although it is an outdoor plant, it is a favorite for different environments. Here are some tips to take care.

Azalea Properties

The Azalea is an outdoor plant, native to east. But if we keep hydrated and in a cool place, it develops smoothly within the home.

Its flowers can be red, fuchsia, orange or white. They are abundant, bell-shaped and sized, and made this winter or in early spring.

Azalea leaves, unlike its flowers are rather small, green, bright and strong. If we keep it in a pot, can reach about 50 cm. Conversely, if you are in the soil, their height can reach 1.5 or 2 meters.

Caring for an azalea

The soil needs to be well hydrated to keep Azalea in good condition, especially in the summer, but should not form mud. Avoid wetting the leaves or flowers.

The soil should be acidic, loose and wet. During flowering, it is convenient to apply fertilizers.

If the Azalea is inside, we must place it in a bright place, but with the caveat that the sun will not directly. If we have it in the garden it should be a cool spot with partial shade and sheltered from the wind.

If we want to prune, it is convenient to do it in the summer, after each sprouting, to maintain shape.

How to transplant a Azalea and build new plants

If we have to change our Azalea pot, the best time is after flowering in early summer or autumn. We fully respect the root ball (soil and roots together) because the damage it can cause death of the plant.

If we want to build new plants, we can do it by cuttings and in the last days of spring or early summer. These cuttings form roots in 90 days, at which time must be kept in the shade and moist place.

Then we can put the azalea in a pot with acidic soil.

If we sow, the right time is at the end of autumn. The seeds shallow place them in the shade, and kept moist. When new plants are about 10 cm, we can put the pots.

If any plague affects our Azalea, take a sample (leaf, stem or flower, depending on the affected part of the plant), and go to specialized staff to recommend us the appropriate fungicide.

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