Caring for a Jasmine

Caring for a Jasmine

Jasmine is one of the plants required in most households to have a pleasant scent and decorate nicely environments. We tell you some details about their care for Jasmine is look in your garden.

Features Jasmine

Jasmine is a very popular plant for the beauty and fragrance of its flower which is white and bright green leaves. Only some species have flowers of yellow color.

The scent of the flower is warm and fruity, and is closely linked to the perfume industry, where the most used is white. The jasmine flower is usually collected before sunrise, so it is not damaged.

They are collected one by one and bloom from August to October in the southern hemisphere and from February to April in the northern region of the planet.

In family homes, jasmine are required to have a very great ornamental value, especially climbing species that are used to cover walls, and during flowering garden filled all a pleasant aroma.

Jasmine Care

Jasmine needs a sunny place for flowering is the best.

It should prune it regularly because it is fast growing and does not need any special ground; we only care that is always wet and drainage is good.

If we notice the buds do not open, because the plant is not getting enough light. If jasmine is in container, we should move to a brighter place (but I did not give the sun directly).

If the leaves turn brown, it is because this receiving sunlight directly. In this case, we must remove the jasmine or withers away entirely.

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