Bathroom Décor

Black and White Bathroom Décor

One of the most popular colour schemes for interior decorating is black and white. These two colours both contrast and complement each other beautifully and it’s not a surprise more and more people choose monochrome design to decorate their homes. When it comes to bathrooms, a black and white colour scheme is particularly popular because it allows people to combine edgy black with calming and ‘sterile’ white in exciting new ways. If you’re looking for the right way to turn your boring old bathroom into an exciting one, here’s how you can do it.


This is simple: subway tiles! Not only are these little works of art stain resistant, and light reflective, they are also cheap and easy to install. If plain tiles aren’t your cup of tea, you can also choose lovely hexagonal tiles and arrange them to get a new design on the floor. You can make interesting new combinations: place black tiles only in corners, or keep the floor entirely black and the walls white. On the other hand, you can always pick tiles with different patterns, for example geometric or floral if good old checkerboard tiles seem too boring.

Bathroom Décor


Walls can be a great canvas for you to ‘paint’ with different black and white elements. There is some truly wonderful wallpaper you can choose and continue the interplay of colours with black rimmed shower curtains and matte black frames of mirrors and windows. If you have tiles that go halfway-up your walls, you can paint the remaining space in chalkboard paint and express your creativity by drawing and writing all over them with chalk whenever you feel inspired. This way, you can redecorate pretty much every week without actually having to paint your walls every time.


Sometimes, the best impression is made by the simplest and seemingly smallest details such as faucets, bath mats and towels, artwork on walls, or plants in the corners or on the shelves. If your bathroom is plain white, you can introduce a gorgeously graphic vibe by adding black accessories. Frame a simple drawing in black ink on white paper in a black frame and hang it on the wall, paint an old water bottle with matte spray paint and use it as a vase, and use white towels with black print or embroidery. Not only are these details effective, but they’re easy to get and rather cheap, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on your redecorating project.

Bath and sink

While it light seem like a great goth idea at first, getting black baths and sinks will make it more difficult for you to keep them clean. If, on the other hand, you are willing to compromise, you can pick a black-and-white piece: black on the outside and white on the inside. However, in case you’re more inclined towards traditional designs and pieces, you should opt for a classic white oval freestanding bath and sink. This is especially effective if you have black tiles on the floor or black walls, as it stands out and balances the dark parts with ease.

Unexpected details

Black and white work well together, but having only these two colours in your bathroom may seem dull and boring, so it might be a good idea to add several small details in bright colours to make the space more cheerful and inviting. Anything from pale orange liquid soap, real moss bath mats, yellow scented candles, and fresh flowers in polka dot flower pots will look great against black-and-white background of your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to add metallic details as well: brass gives off a warm glow while stainless steel is usually seen as cold, but both work wonderfully with black and white.

The best thing about choosing black and white as the colour scheme for your bathroom is the freedom you get to pick the overall impression you’re trying to make on the people walking in: a soothing and serene space, traditional and peaceful, or dramatic, modern, and edgy. Dare to express yourself and bring in several smaller details or completely paint, cover, and fill your bathroom with the colours of your choice. After all, this is a place for you to feel comfortable and relax, and the least you can do is stay true to yourself.

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