Benefits to change your bathtub shower trays

Every day more people by replacing bathtubs shower trays , as these are better suited to the needs of the family. Think if you have children at home, perhaps an adult, or a person with a physical disability, a bathtub is not an option because it can be dangerous.

If you plan to remodel your bathroom and want to give a more modern and personal touch, then forget about the idea of ​​a bathtub, which will really make your bathroom a safe and comfortable shower. Here’s why.


They are practical

The first benefit that you get to change your bathtub by one of the shower trays you get in Gala is its practicality. Think how many times you take a relaxing bath in the tub? The answer is possibly not having much time for it.

By implementing this accessory in your bathroom, you will make it much easier for people living in your home access to the shower, you also need to stress that it is very easy to install.


If you have a medium sized bathroom, you know from experience that by its size bath occupies nearly half of this room, and preventing you from having a comfortable moving space, in addition you must be very careful not could slip when you walk or salts thereof.

If you implement in your bathroom a shower tray will achieve use it more, because you can install it in half the area it was your tub thus achieving a better view, organization and use of the bathroom, because it will have more scope to place furniture and also to number them with a flat surface that will provide support and comfort when taking a shower.

Fungus firmly grabs the wall of your bathroom because, with shower trays available to Gala, say goodbye to the danger could slip. Whether you purchase showers smooth or rough surface have the security that they are treated with non-slip material that will give the beauty and safety requires that the entire family.

You contribute to saving

In a shower you consume fewer gallons of water you would need in a bathtub, in addition to being made of materials that get and retain warmth, you will require not use the heater for so long in the shower, this will save costs excessive water and electricity.

So you’ll help the environment because it is consciously non-renewable resources.

Easy cleaning

I appreciate a decent advantage is that by accessing change your tub for a shower, it will be much easier to clean, have lower surfaces and enable reach into corners more easily, making it easier maintenance.

These are some of the benefits you can get by changing the bathtub shower trays that offers Gala, so please consult its website, here you will find many shower trays made of different materials that will provide comfort and safety.

If you are interested in completely remodel this room do not hesitate to also ask the experts about the bathroom ceramics, surely you get a model that will match your new shower.

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