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A Guide to Buying Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen Remodelling

Choosing the right material for your kitchen worktops can prove to be difficult. There are so many options and making an informed decision requires you to do comprehensive research. Granite countertops are the best material for your kitchen remodelling. They combine both beauty and functionality features to give you service for a lifetime. After deciding to use granite countertops, here is a guide on how to select and purchase the right worktops for your dream kitchen.

Search online

You can find all the information you need on the Internet. You can view pictures of different granite countertops and how they blend well with kitchen decor and appliances. After getting a rough idea of the colours and designs you are interested in, search for a local fabricator online. Reading reviews from other clients will help you identify a reputable fabricator.

Have a budget

Having a budget will save you both time and money as you will be able to sample affordable kitchen countertops in Dublin. Ask for quotes from different fabricators before settling on the best. This will assist you to estimate the total cost of buying materials and installation.

Selecting colour

Choosing the right shade that will match your kitchen d├ęcor can be confusing. Granite worktops come with a variety of colours and patterns. To achieve a modern look, choose dark colours for a spacious kitchen with much natural lighting. Dark coloured worktops blend well with stainless steel appliances or light coloured cabinets. Lighter coloured worktops are ideal for small kitchens. They blend well with white appliances and cabinets. By visiting kitchen showrooms, you will get more advice on design and colours.

Consider the design of your kitchen

Your kitchen layout is key when choosing granite countertops. This will help you determine the right size for your countertops. Your preferred fabricator will help you with the right measurements and perfect finishing. You can ask the fabricator to give you samples of the countertops to match with your kitchen look. Try scratching and staining the pieces and see how the action affects the countertop. Quality granite countertops are scratch and stain resistant.

See the complete slab

Every piece of granite countertop is unique. To have a uniform worktop, ask your fabricator to show you the complete slab. You will be able to see the patterns and veins and make the right decision. If your kitchen is big and you will need to join slabs, ask your fabricator to show you previous work done and see how the seams are done. You can also choose from different edge cutting designs.

The final step to having your countertops is making the payment. Read through the warranty and see the available solutions your fabricator offers in case the worktops break during installation. After installation and cleaning, your kitchen will look luxurious and you will enjoy the strength and functionality of granite countertops.


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