Tiles and Wallpaper

A Bathroom with Tiles and Wallpaper

There is more to bathrooms than tiles and with rustic and vintage looks being so popular at the moment, other possibilities are showing up, such as wallpaper. If you’re worried about using wallpapers in your bathroom, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t have to cover every wall top to toe in the stuff. Combining combining bathroom wall tiles and wallpaper is a huge hit right now with interior designers. The mix gives a very sophisticated look and the contrast between both materials gives a very attractive aesthetic to your bathroom. Don’t worry about the endurance of wallpaper, you can now find wallpapers designed to handle high moisture environments. This post gives you some ideas on how you can incorporate tiles and wallpaper together perfectly.

Tiles and Wallpaper

Easy Look 

If you like to things simple and you are more into minimalistic styles, why not try just one wall with wallpapers. By doing this, you make a statement by maximising the impact. This allows you to put more emphasis on the tiles but at the same time having that wallpaper gives you flexibility when it comes to design. Using wallpaper in this way gives you the chance of focus colours and give a feeling of fluidity.


When combining tiles and wallpaper, you need to always keep in mind the harmony between both materials. Depending on the pattern you choose, you can end up with a busy and chaotic look and as a result the room can look smaller.  If you have already decided the design you want for your wallpaper, you should try to mix it with a more basic tile in order to keep the balance. What you achieve by using a plain tile is making the wallpaper the focal point of the bathroom, something really important if you have a small bathroom since it distracts the eye from noticing the room dimensions.


Another way to mix wallpapers and tiles, while still keeping a balance between both, is by contrasting them. An excellent way of doing this is to mix and match patterns and designs that therefore create a contrast between modern and vintage. However, when doing this, pay attention to clashing designs as this can cause a chaotic look as we mentioned previously.

Half and Half 

What about having walls that have half and half? Bottom half with tiles and the top half with wallpaper. This way you create some fluidity with the floor and at the same time you keep it practical. Using tiles on the bottom half makes it much easier to clean the bathroom and having some wallpaper on the top half gives some variety to the bathroom. If you have a bathroom with a lot of alcoves, wallpapering makes decorating much easier since tiles can be a little tricky to cut when the room isn’t a simple square or rectangular shape.

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