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8 Things You Need to Pack Extra Carefully When Moving

When you move house everything you own and care for is packed together in a moving van and carted off across the country – it’s enough to make anyone panic. But take a deep breath and relax. Your move will go more smoothly when you pack efficiently and correctly, and particularly when you pay extra attention to these objects.

  1. China

It’s obvious you’ve got to take care with the family’s china but how exactly do you pack it? Use newspaper or packing paper and wrap china pieces carefully. Place a layer of scrunched paper or bubble wrap in the bottom of the box and place each plate on its edge on top of this protective layer. Bundle three plates together, put scrunched paper in between, then another three plates.

  1. Glasses

Wrap each glass individually in paper and then place each glass upside down on top of a layer of crushed paper or bubble wrap. Cushion each glass to the side with extra scrunched paper.

  1. Lamps

Remove the light bulb and wrap the base of the lamp and the metal supports separately in newspaper. Wrap the lampshade in clean paper or bubble wrap. You can nest several shades together if you are separating them with sheets of paper.

  1. Clothes

Check with your movers, for example to see how they deal with clothes. In many cases you leave light clothes hanging in wardrobes, contained in special wardrobe bags, and clothes can be left in closet drawers.

  1. Shoes

Shoes are surprisingly easy to damage and scuff. Ideally they should be in shoe boxes. If not, wrap them in clean paper to prevent damage. Cushion heels and protect pointed toes. Make sure the box is not packed with heavy items above the shoes.

  1. Computers

If you have the original box for the device, use this. If not, use plenty of bubble wrap and pack in a standard box. Wrap cables with paper. Pad out the gaps in the box with more paper and bubble wrap, and make sure you mark the box as fragile.

  1. Cutlery

Wrap sets of cutlery in plastic or in tissue paper. You can keep cutlery in a chest if that is where it is stored, making sure to fill all the gaps in the drawers with paper or bubble wrap.

  1. Food

Seal any opened boxes of dried foods like pasta and rice with tape and make sure you cover over all the holes in salt shakers and spice jars. Pack a layer of cans at the bottom of a box, topped with lighter items from the kitchen.


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