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7 tips to Storing Your Stuff During a Home Renovation

OK, so the renovation is about to take place soon, and there’s a whole load of items that need to be shifted somewhere safe. So where can they all be put? And don’t forget, if items are being put into boxes, why not make a list of what’s in the boxes, and number them for easy access to what will be needed first, and then later on? Thinking ahead is of the uttermost importance.

  1. Leave it and put a cover over it. It may get a bit of dust on it, but she will be right! NOT! Just in case the worst does happen and there are tears later on, move it away from the work area. Do not take the risk, and as the old saying goes, “It is better to be safe than sorry”. In any case, it might have to be moved to get a job done or it may even be in the way and slow progress down.
  2. Should there be access to a basement, make good use of that. Or if not, maybe a friend has one which can be used. Just make sure one has strong arms AND legs if moving up and down those stairs.
  3. A shed needs to be pretty large maybe to get all of those items inside, but depending on what needs to be stored, check it out anyway, even if it gets a few items out of the way.
  4. A garage is usually larger than a shed, and leaving the car outside will make it even more so.
  5. Self-storage unit companies let people rent a climate controlled space for a fee. Some companies will offer a loading service, where packed boxes are collected and then loaded into a container by a professional and taken away and stored. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Addstyle home renovators in Perth are renowned for their top quality home renovations.
  6. If there are any good friends nearby, and they have some spare space, why not try asking them to help out? Who knows? In the future the favour can be returned.
  7. A portable storage container can be delivered right to the door and is easy to load and secure.  Additionally, many companies even offer added shelving to the container, to make it even more efficient. This gives easy access to items one may need.

Hopefully the tips above will give even the most inexperienced person in home renovating, some idea of what to do and where to put all of their stuff. Should a person’s home happen to be in the Perth area, Addstyle are a reputable and trustworthy home renovation company in that area. Check them out for quality workmanship.

Extra tip!

Seriously folks, if a lot of that stuff is never going to be used again, or it’s just taking up usable space, why not do the right thing and ask a local charity to come by and take it away! Obviously this would never apply to most things one has, but if something is going to be sitting there and has become an eyesore, giving it to a local charity might just be the way to go. (And helping somebody out, also!).

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