Master Bedroom

3 Must-Haves for Your Master Bedroom

As important as the bathroom and the kitchen are for the buyer, we cannot deny that the centrepiece of a house is the master bedroom. It is one of the biggest individual spaces. Magazine spreads on master bedrooms feature king-sized beds, dark furniture, and expensive rugs. The windows are brightly polished, and the interior is well lit. Sometimes there is a recliner beside a well-stocked bookshelf. This screams luxury and indulgence.

However, we can’t say that these are the defining characteristics of the master bedroom. Having built in wardrobes and a mattress that can sink a ship is not always necessary, but they give a good indication of what should be in a master bedroom.

Decent closet space

Dreams of walk-in closets tell us that we desire spacious and clean storage space. This means your wardrobe does not only hold all your clothes for the next four seasons but is spacious enough for you be able to reach everything.

Cramped storage forces you to push things aside or to the back and you might miss out on good clothes just because they are covered by all the newcomers. When looking into your next place, remember you don’t need a walk-in closet with wall to wall shelves, but you can’t compromise on small closets.

Good lighting

Good lighting doesn’t mean a very powerful light bulb in the middle of the room or many small light sources spread out throughout the space. Both options scream high electric bills. You need to have a balance between lamps and downlights and the main source of light. Play off the windows and evenly distribute the options around the room. A lamp beside a recliner and on bedside tables, one main light bulb in the middle of the room, and perhaps four downlights in the corners of the room is a good enough balance.

Comfortable furniture

Before selecting the furniture for your master bedroom, you have to try everything. Nothing can be uncomfortable in your master bedroom. It takes away from the image of your place to relax at the end of the day. If you had to pick between an okay king-sized bed and an amazing double, take the double. Pick the recliner with butter soft leather, but not overly stuffed like a marshmallow. Balance between cushions and hardwood and you are good to go.

In summary, luxury is less about the money and more about extravagance. For people with different incomes and lifestyles, extravagance is a relative thing. Keep that in mind as you design your master bedroom, do not pick out staples or whatever everyone else is having; look at what is extravagant for you and design your own luxury.



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