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10 affordable ways to give your house a fresh, new look in the rainy season

It can be challenging to have a home that looks and feels modern, especially if you have a low budget available to decorate. Luckily, there are methods – even on a budget – that can help you get the high-end look you’ve always dreamed of. There are lots of tips you can use to revamp your current décor and make your place feel fresh and welcoming even on a rainy season. Here are 10 affordable ways you can use to completely change the design.

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  1. It’s all about color

When redesigning a home, one of the most difficult decisions to make is pick a color palette. If elegance is what you prefer, colors of beige with hints of gold, or matte black will instantly draw people’s attention. Another great idea is to repaint the doors. Decide on a palette that speaks to your senses, and your rooms will have a totally new and refreshing feel.

  1. Comfortable throw pillows

Pillows provide several key functions in a home. They make living areas seem comfortable and they completely change the general allure of a living or sleeping area. Throw pillows fill up a room; they make it seem colorful and cozy during the rainy season.

  1. Window treatments

A home without window treatments looks incomplete and dull. Windows need curtains and shades to fill up a room and make it chic and stylish. Stick to tasteful materials such as natural silk, linen and natural cotton because they’re durable, qualitative and they come in a wealth of colors and models.

  1. Hardware finishes

Pulls and knobs make kitchens, bedrooms and living areas appear sophisticated. They’re also conveniently priced. Choose models that match with the overall décor of your space (vintage-like, modern, golden & brass materials), and give your home whole new look.

  1. Proper lighting

Custom-made or personalized light fixtures bring more elegance into your home than customary chandeliers. A great idea might be to place a table in the living area and fill it with candles; choose many colors and don’t forget to place a tray underneath. Leave the candles drip in the evening. The effect is great, and the mood is perfect for the rainy season.

  1. Empty flooring

Hardwood flooring is the best. It is durable, long-lasting and reasonably priced. Rather than buy cheap floor tiles and be forced to replace them in 2-3 years, it’s always more convenient to spend a bit more and relax for another 10-20 years. Choose a darker wood shade for your home; it will make it cozier and more inviting.

  1. Home accessories

There are lots of affordable ways to accessorize without spending a lot of money. Golden candles, translucent decorative bowls, seasonal flowers, and photo frames are excellent solutions. If you can afford to spend more on a wall mirror, then do it. Your living room will look incredible!

  1. Affordable furniture

Contrary to popular belief, furniture can be affordable. You just have to know when to buy it. Hunt discounts and promotions off-season, and explore weekly thrift shops and flea markets. Use old furniture pieces and go green if you’re on a budget. Take down kitchen cabinets if you want to replace them, and use the old ones to make a coffee table for example. Get creative!

  1. Storage

Keeping a home looking great is more challenging than meets the eye. For some people, it’s nearly impossible. The key to an organized home is to have enough room for storage; and if you don’t you have to build it or buy it. Stools and beds with hidden compartments, coffee tables with shelves and additional home accessories like baskets can keep you organized

  1. Mood

People are moody when it rains outside. They often don’t like to do anything but sleep. However, a nice living area with proper lighting, candles and enticing décor can compel you to do something else, like reading, meeting with friends, and so on. Add fluffy pillows and covers on the sofa, and create a great ambience even if the weather outside is bad.

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